Christopher Rownes | Passion for Movement


When passion leads through life, everything can change and yet remains connected in a set of parallels. It won’t be the passion that changes but only the appearance of that passion.
If there is one thing that didn’t change in the life of Christopher Rownes, it’s his fascination for the endless possibilities of the human body. Trained as a classical ballet dancer, he evolved into an established choreographer for contemporary dance, in fly casting Christopher found his way to keep evolving these movements. He teaches a very natural and individual casting style, without specific restrictions, with a focus on timing and feeling.
Christopher Rownes is living his passion for movement in his ongoing profession as a professional Fly Casting Instructor.

This film would´t exist without the amazing work and generous support of a lot of talented and generous people. Thanks to all of you!

Production Company: FLY-FOCUS
Producer: Benjamin Laschet
Director & DP: Marcus Sies
Talent: Christopher Rownes
Dancers: ZHdK Zurich Contemporary Dance
Edit: Felix Wiedemann
Sounddesign: Julian Lindenmann
Music: Slow Meadow

Special Thanks to:

Felix, Julian & Jonas
5ter Stock Medienproduktion, Stuttgart
Silbersalz, Stuttgart
Focus Film Lab, Stockholm
ZHdK Zurich

Super 16mm | ORWO N74 plus ASA400 | Aaton XTR | Zeiss High Speed
ARRI Alexa 2.8K 4:3 | Kowa / Evolution 2x Anamorphic

BEHIND THE SCENES  | Photos by Jonas Steiner & Benjamin Laschet